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Last night at the Volcano Art Center!

Last night stands out as one of my favorite times perfomrming on stage. What a night! The people that came out to see us perform were absolutley wonderful! "Thank you" to everyone who was in attendance. We even benefited from having some fantastic dancers show'in off their smooth moves in the back of the audience. Wow!

What can I say other than the musical talent around me last evening is top shelf and to have that "sound" they create at will is special in this industry. We are so blessed to have these most gifted musicians here on the big island. My sincere love and appreciation goes out to each one of them. Also, special "Thanks" to Volcano Choy, the Volcano Art Center and all of the outstanding people that work so hard to put on these shows and offer great venues throughout the year for all of you to attend.

Hope to see you soon as I love to sing, it is my passion. Looking forward to putting my CD together this year and ultimately singing some new jazz tunes for you!

Love, J

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