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April/May...."Oh My..!"

It's been a busy, busy last few months for me on several fronts and I am so thankful to have the time on stage that I do with such beautiful artists by my side.

I am looking forward to the production process of my new CD that will be published sometime in 2017 but for now I am focused on May 14th....and you ask why?? Because I am getting married..THATS WHY!!! Until I can get that lovely moment in life with the man I love to become a reality I am putting a great deal of my time towards a very special project thats on the horizon and will be announced soon. This production has been over a year in the making and introduces an amazing cast of musical talent, stay tuned....!

Some of you will be attending our wedding which we both are looking forward to and it will mean so much to us both.

For performance dates please check out my website at: under the "Shows" tab. "Mahalo"

God Bless all of you. Love seeing you at all the different venues...


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